i heart guts - black friday
Celebrate the holiday in style with our Black Friday Sale! Use the code GUTS30YAY. Black Friday lasts all weekend long, enjoy 30% Off plush from 12:01AM PST 11/26 to 11:59pm PST 11/29! (30% off all plush excluding Spine, Penis, Tonsil, Skin, Eyeball and Appendix) We'll do the math for you: 30% off is $14 a plush, usually $19.99! Grab a bunch of guts and save.
Still waiting for a holiday gift to be delivered? Don’t fret! Send these cards to your loved ones and let them know their gifts may be a bittttt held up.
Cheers to New Years gifts instead!
i heart guts late gift
i heart guts lost packagei heart guts late package
I Heart Guts Hanukkah
Happy first day of Hanukkah! 🕎  Chag urim sameach! We hope your matzo ball soup doesn't have as many testicles as ours does 😳

I Heart Guts Plush Organs It's waaaay too early to think about holiday gifts -- unless you don't live in the United States and you want plush organs, in which case, NOW is the time to order your holiday GUTS! Please note that VAT/customs fees are NOT included in our shipping fees. Yes, it costs an arm and a leg to ship things from the U.S. to your country. YES, we know you hate VAT and customs on top of high shipping prices. And yes, we are sorry and wish we could magically change your country's laws. But guess what? We can't! We are not politicians or lawyers. We are gut-makers. And we need you to think ahead to get your guts on time. Please see our handy shipping guide below for holiday happiness and on-time delivery of your plush organs:

• Order by Nov. 20 via USPS First Class International (slow but cheap)
• Order by Dec 1 via USPS Priority Mail (faster shipping + customs and better tracking, but expensive)

For more info on customs fees and VAT duty, please visit our FAQ about international shipping right here. It's also a good idea to contact your local post office and find out your own country’s customs laws before buying from us.