I Heart Guts Brain
Whyyy brain! Why must you always do this to us! 
Good luck to everyone taking exams at school right now, we believe in you and your brain!
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I Heart Guts Happy Organs Sticker Sheet with Uterus and Ovary
Our guts are known for their smiling faces, but hey, everyone has their sassy moments. Our Happy Organs Sticker Sheet shows 12 of your major organs in their various forms-- Stomach aching, Brain in love, a relieved Bladder and 45 more! At only $2, the sticker sheet makes a great goody bag filler, calendar sticker set and can even be used as notebook decor.
Cell phones and cancer have yet to be definitively linked, but a recently launched study will take a serious look into the long-term effects of cell phone usage on the human body. The Cohort Study of Mobile Phone Use and Health (COSMOS) will follow 200,000 mobile phone users in five countries over 30 years, monitoring their health for higher risk of brain cancer, head tumors and salivary gland cancer. The radiation risk seems plausible -- a 2009 World Health organization found that long-term mobile users had a higher risk of cancer, a 2008 American Journal of Epidemiology study suggested a link between big-time cell users and salivary gland cancer, and a 2006 study in Sweden indicated a 240% risk increase for head tumors on the side of the head used most often for talking. Thirty years is a long time to wait for results of this big study, so in the meantime maybe use that land line for long calls!