Organ Erasers coming soon to the shop! 

I Heart Guts Behind the Scenes PhotoshootEver want to know what it's like day-to-day at I Heart Guts HQ? "First I make strong coffee and try to tackle something creative while my adrenaline is flowing," Guts founder Wendy Bryan Lazar tells Threadless in a recent Artist Shop spotlight. "Then I check my email and see if my customers need any attention, because without them, I have no job. And I love my job." But it's not all boring, Lazar says: "But creativity comes first! Those vaginas aren’t going to draw themselves." Read the full interview with I Heart Guts founder here.


Put a gut on your next phone call! Organ-themed phone cases for iPhone and Android now available in our Threadless shop. Need to put a vagina on your phone case? We got that. Or perhaps you need a brain phone case? We have that, too.

morbid anatomy museum organsIf you like dead bodies, two-headed taxidermied kittens and strong coffee, you'll love Brooklyn's Morbid Anatomy Museum. I've long wanted to take a trek to visit, and my wish finally came true on a cold day late last January. I had the good fortune to see their incredible House of Wax current exhibition as well as their permanent collection of oddities related to the human body, death, and other mortal subjects. Lucky for me I had a minute with the museum's creative director, Joanna Ebenstein, to talk organs and our shared fascination with all bodily things. If you're in NY or elsewhere, be sure to put this place on your list of things to do before you die.