Chris Klug Foundation Inspires & Educates Organ Donors, One Plushie At A Time

Live Life Give Life! I Heart Guts is a proud sponsor of an incredible organ-ization called the Chris Klug Foundation (CKF), a passionate advocates honoring the importance of organ, eye, and tissue donation and transplantation.

The organization was founded in 2003 by Chris Klug, an Olympic Bronze Medalist and liver transplant recipient. At 21, Chris discovered he needed a transplant and spent 6 years on the waitlist. After receiving his transplant, he won a Bronze Medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics. 


He started CKF to promote organ, eye, and tissue donation, improving lives touched by transplantation. 100,000+ children and adults are waiting for an organ transplant! CKF uses inspiring stories, events, and educational programs to encourage organ donation and registration.

CKF is not your average nonprofit. Their mission is threefold: INSPIRE, EDUCATE and, REGISTER more Americans as organ, eye, and tissue donors.

Through a wide range of programming, they reach hundreds of thousands of people each year, equipping them with the facts about organ, eye, and tissue donation so they can make educated decisions about registering.

Are you a school teacher or a parent looking to educate kids about organ donation? Check out CKF’s Toolkit for Teachers. Keep up the incredible work, friends!

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