Stickers for Anatomy Nerds

Sexy Anatomy Stickers for Nerds

Listen up, nerds and geeks! There's a new sticker set in town and we are super excited about it. We've got this fabulous erogenous array of reproductive anatomy stickers for sexy geeks.

Health Class Sex Ed Stickers

Where else can you find oxytocin, a rectum, testicles and a uterus all in one bag? Right here!  Slap a prostate or cervix onto your water bottle, car or computer. Great for health class, sex ed demos and reproductive anatomy prizes. Imagine showering your students with brains and hypothalami or rewarding them with ovaries and clitorises -- you get the idea. It's fun! Reduce those awkward pauses with a sticker giveaway!

Sexy Anatomy StickersThese stickers are totally inappropriate, you say? For some, yes. For us, the penis is just the same as your knee or elbow and thus merits straightforward explanation. Reproductive anatomy was really never cuter. Or stickier!

Anatomy Stickers Fun

Curious minds want to know. Need a prompt? Look no further than the back packaging of our Sexy Anatomy Sticker for Nerds for help describing all these magical body parts.

Sexy Anatomy Sticker Set for Nerds Amazon

Listen up, nerds! Peep our Sexy Anatomy Sticker Set on Amazon, when you like your shipping quick and dirty. 

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