Sticker Set Deep Discount!

Life. Sometimes things go great. Sometimes, things turn to garbage. But when life gives you garbage, you make... garbage juice? Nope. You make lemonade!

Many years ago, our sticker factory shipped us some stickers. They packed them badly in trash boxes and many of the sticker packs arrived badly damaged. The actual stickers are fine, it really is just the packaging that is bent here and there (see above. Yes, we are very picky.). 

The stickers are in great condition. Isn't it all about the stickers, you ask? Yes, of course. Perhaps it's superficial to care about packaging, but we like our guts to be in tip-top shape in case they are gifts to someone special. Now, where does the lemonade come in?

We can't sell these at full price or to stores. So we put these damaged organ sticker packs on deep, deep discount so we can pass some savings along to our wonderful customers. They are usually $7 for 15 stickers -- here they are $5 for the entire pack! After all, we love you so! 

But what if all you wanna do is rip apart the packaging and hand out the stickers for your students? These sticker packs are PERFECT for you!

Spreading the magic of anatomy? Geeking out on guts? Just wanna share the love of stickers? We got you. We see you. And we feel you. So hustle over to our pile of Sale Sticker Packs and learn to embrace life's little blemishes at a low, low price. After all, nobody's perfect.

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