Spice Up Your Bachelor(ette) Party With These Hilarious Gag Gifts

Before you tie the knot, you’ve got to loosen up with a party for you and your accomplices of honor! Time to bag vag decor, phallic toys, and a stripper with pretty boobs…er, eyes. And don’t forget the best part—hilarious party favors!

Unforgettable Night? Gift a Naughty Keychain 

Your last night without a legal obligation to love won’t last forever. Memories about how nuts it was will, though! Gift your mates Sparkly Penis + Testicle Keychains, and they’ll get nostalgic every time they stick it in their ignition.

Heading to Vegas? Give Your Friends Head Pillows 

If your destination requires air travel, why not get the party started on the plane with a flexy conversation starter? A Penis Nick Pillow will turn a mile-high ride into a memorable part of the adventure.

Sipping Cocktails? Supply A Penis Straw Pouch

Do your besties plan to go balls to the wall? They’ll need a Vulva+Vagina Zipper Pouch Plush to store their shot glasses, penis straws, and personal belongings. A purse that looks like genitalia is a gracious gift that supplies giggles, too.

Funny Matching Accessories Are Bach Squad Must-Have

If you plan to visit a bar or strip club, it’s important that you all stick together. Put a Penis + Testicle Sparkly Enamel Lapel Pin on everyone’s shirt to thank them for cumming, and it will be much easier to spot them too! 

Funny Group? Make Them Giggle With a Hilarious Pun Pin

Are your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other bridesmates hilarious? If so, you should stroke that part of them. Hand out punny Testicle Buttons at your joint bachelor/bachelorette party, and all will have a ball!

Loyal Pals? Put Them to the Test-es

Hopefully your favorite people are loyal AF. To make sure they aren’t low-hanging fruit, ask them to wear their testes on their sleeve! Gags aside, gift your crew a cute Testicle Lapel Pin and go nuts with your best friends in tow.  

Shy Guests? Sparkles Will O-Pin Them Up

Sometimes shy party guests just need a good icebreaker. A Sparkly Vagina + Vulva Lapel Pin will loosen them up, so their true self shines through! Glitter makes everybody feel special, even those who are tight-lipped about it. 

Maid of Honor? A Badge Will Hit the G-Spot 

Your person of honor deserves special recognition. Don’t just lube them up with praise. Set them apart from the rest of the party! A Vadge Of Honor T-Shirt will make them the envy of your bridal brigade.

Second Thoughts? Party Your Clit Off

If you have second thoughts about going all out, don’t hesitate! This is your last fling before the ring. Make it count by passing out Clitoris Lapel Pins and partying so hard they come off.

Getting Hitched? Make Your Last Hurrah Count!

Bachelor and bachelorette parties—especially those with a cute but hearty dose of private parts—are the best part of weddings. Don’t just say ta-ta to single status. Bring it to a memorable climax with Cute Anatomical Gifts the entire party will love.

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