Sink Your Teeth Into Tooth Facts

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We've got a mouthful of teeth anatomy info for ya! Chew on these toothy facts: Teeth are not bones. Both have loads of calcium and pulpy parts, however, bones can grow back, but teeth cannot.

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Tooth enamel is the hardest thing in your body! Unless you have a heart of stone or abs of steel, you teeth are the toughest structure in your body.

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Over our lifetime, we spend an average 38 days brushing teeth. That seems like 38 days well spent, right?

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Babies form teeth in the womb, but ... they don't make an appearance in the mouth until 6-12 months. Humans enjoy a wide variety of tooth types, from wisdom teeth to canines, incisors to bicuspids. Most adults have 32 teeth: 12 molars, 8 premolars, 8 incisors and 4 canines. Wait, why does this not add up for me, you ask? Maybe your wisdom teeth got yanked.

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Dolphins have up to 250 teeth! Sharks host about 300 teeth in their jaws, growing over 3000 in their lifetimes! Teeth sets are as unique as fingerprints, no two mouths are the same.

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Is the Tooth Fairy creepy? I mean, I know kids love swapping canines for cash, but, isn't it a little... odd? Vikings used to use kids' teeth to bring luck in battle. Other things we have done with kiddo's teeth: buried, burned, swallowed(!) by the mother, or put inside a tree. In China, Russia and Spain there is a tradition of a mouse that snatches teeth out of a child's mouth. Maybe that Tooth Fairy isn't so creepy after all.

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Smiling is more contagious than the flu. Try it! Your friends and family will think you're nuts, but TRY IT and you'll see a smile is more catching than yawning. For reals. Don’t forget to brush, floss and gargle!

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This lovable molar will make you smile! Whether you lost your first tooth or are a dental student in need of a study buddy, this friendly tooth will offer snuggles and support. Our tooth has a tooth!

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Bite-size facts, wisdom + goofy artwork included with tooth stuffed plush toy. Spectacular booklet hangtag filled with photos, artwork and dental factoids worth learning.

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You don't usually want your teeth to be soft or fuzzy. But when it comes to a tooth plush, soft and fuzzy teeth is just what the dentist ordered. Put some hygge in your hygiene routine!

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Take your tooth on all your adventures, it's the ultimate traveling companion. Our tooth never complains or eats all your snacks. Have tooth, will travel.Our tooth enamel pins, tooth plush with pocket, cute tooth keychain will bring on the smiles for dentists and patients alike. Get a grin with that oral surgery gift basket, adorable for a dental hygienist badge reel or lanyard. Teeth gift ideas and dental delights for all our tooth-loving humans out there!

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