Sex Ed Puzzles for Health Class

Puberty Puzzles Make Puberty Less Puzzling

Many people equate puzzles with a rainy day activity you do with the fam when you can’t go out and have somereal” fun. But jigsaw puzzles are so much more than just a dusty box on top of your bookcase for when there’s nothing else to do. 

Puzzles have impressive benefits like:

  • Improving short-term memory
  • Better problem-solving skills
  • Lower stress levels
  • And best of all–increasing your IQ!

Combine all that with our quirky sex-ed puzzles, and you’ve got yourself the most fun you can have while literally becoming smarter.  

The Period Present

Our Good Ol’ Menstrual Cycle puzzle takes you on a journey of menstruation from shedding your uterine lining to all the hormonal chaos that follows suit. The only thing it doesn’t teach you is how to get period stains off of your favorite shorts. This puzzle is the perfect present to give your newly-menstruating kiddo so they’re well-acquainted with the bloody mess they can expect for the next forty-ish years of their lives. 

Or, celebrate menopause by throwing a period parting rager and spend four hours solving a 500-piece Menstrual Cycle Puzzle. Talk about a wild night in. 

Menstrual Cycle Puzzle - Women's Reproductive Health - Organ Puzzles - Uterus Puzzle - I Heart Guts

The Little Swimmers Club

Our reproductive puzzles are the perfect way to introduce your kids to the body’s puzzling puberty processes. Worried about broaching the birds and the bees? Pour yourself a cup of puberty juice and let our Inside the Sperm Factory Puzzle do the talking.

Acknowledge the little gonad tadpoles that help make up half of every human on the planet. With the Inside The Sperm Factory puzzle, we see a baby sperm grow up to be an Olympic swimmer in the epididymis and swim its final lap in the vas deferens before making its debut out in the world. If only we had millions of little gold medals we could give them. 

Sperm Factory Puzzle - Penis Puzzle - Organ Puzzle - Reproduction Puzzle

We can guarantee that your kid will learn the basics of sperm production with this puzzle, but we cannot guarantee there will be a shortage of crusty socks in your future. 

The Puberty Party

It’s your puberty party, and you can cry if you want to! No, seriously. There’s going to be a LOT of crying for the parents and their burgeoning tweens and teens.

When it comes to puberty, those of us that have gone through it know that it's wrought with gross feelings, secretions, bulging, growth-spurting, and pimples. So many pimples.  

Puberty Party Puzzle - Reproduction Puzzle - I Heart Guts - Organ Puzzle - Anatomy Puzzle

This super-detailed Puberty Puzzle gives a complete overview of what your growing offspring can expect when their body starts changing, like hair sprouting in weird places. If puberty is too awkward to talk about, let your kids piece it together.

How To Not Get Pregnant

Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, abortion access and laws vary by state, but what remains are these tried and true methods of contraception. 

Birth Control Puzzle - I Heart Guts - Organ Puzzle - Women's Reproductive Health

Know what you need to keep a fetus out of your uterus with a Birth Control Puzzle that’s great for sex ed, health class, or clinic. Plus, proceeds from this puzzle benefit the Center for Reproductive Rights. 

The human body can often feel like a puzzle, and now it actually is.

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