Big Sale on Plushie Organs!

plushie organs sale prices, best price organ plush, anatomy pillows sale, i heart gut coupon codeBeen wanting to give plush guts, but don't have the stomach for paying full price? Now's the time to snap up some plushie organs for all your pals, because our annual September plushie sale is here!  Keep those hard-earned bones in your pocket with our biggest plush organ sale of the year! gallbladder removal gifts, funny gallbladder surgery pillow, plush gallbladder, gallstone humor

Give all the warm fuzzies with happy, humble and healing human body plushies, truly the most thoughtful gift for whatever your special human is going through. If you know someone who's had their appendix out, had emergency gallbladder surgery, or is newly diagnosed with thyroid cancer, we have just the thing (*cough* organ plushies *cough*) to bring a big smile to their struggle. Nobody needs to know you got them cheap, it'll be our little secret. 

organ plushies for surgery disease science med school education

 Looking for an awesome asthma gift? Give the gift of lungs! Need to give someone a sinusitis surprise? We have a stuffed sinus pillow that will give your sinus sufferer a chuckle. How about a great gift for a hysterectomy going-away party? U need a plushie uterus! Soften that scoliosis diagnosis or spinal surgery with a cute -- and crackable! -- spine plushie. Whatever your disease or diagnosis, we have -- almost! -- your entire body covered.

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Celebrate a diaversary with a plushie pancreas or insulin drop plush, all our diabetic plushies are on sale all September long. It won't kill you to look around our plushie organ offerings and see what grabs your eyeballs.

kidney surgery gifts, kidney failure stuffed animal, CKD plushie, kidney donor plush toy, stuffed kidneys

That friend undergoing dialysis will dig a kidney plushie during long infusion sessions. Perhaps a family member needs a lift after colorectal surgery, and our plush colon could be just what the doc did not order. Our plushies are fun, cute and will stick with you during your health journey.

knee surgery gift, knee plushie, knee pain funny gift, new replacement surgery pillow

Hopefully you don't know ANYONE with ANY medical probs! I sure hope so. I'll stop running my big mouth so you can take some time to read real honest customer reviews about I Heart Guts plush organs. "The knee plushie gave my son something to focus on when he had pain. His knee surgeon and all the nurses thought it was cute, too." 

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