Tees & Gifts on Sale - Last Day!

sweatshirts for med school, nurses, doctorsNot just tees on sale, EVERYTHING is on sale! Great gifts like mugs, bags, pillows, cozy sweatshirts, etc. Or cute organ tees are perfect for someone struggling with surgery or disease. In fact, once you start browsing through our tees, you can't stop thinking about all the things your friends and fam are going through -- that pal who had their gallbladder out, your cousin on dialysis, or your newborn nephew. We have the perfect gallbladder removal gift but also funny kidney gifts and ridiculous baby and new mom gifts.

medical shirts great gifts funny cute designsIf you put things off like I do, then you won't want to snag 20% all the gutsy goodies in our print-on-demand shoppe. Go ahead and procrastinate and then kick yourself in a tush when you have to pay full price later. I'll be there, too. Need to say "I love you" with a highly specific gift? We can help!

insulin mug cute funny educationalWe have the cutest pancreas and insulin gifts and stuff to make the best diabetes or pancreatitis gift basket. Drink up, our cute educational How Insulin Works mug is ready for your yummy wintry bevvies. We vote for caffeinated anything. With loads of glucose.

breast exam pillow, funny breast cancer awareness giftKnow someone with breast cancer, but don't really know what to give them? How about this Breast Exam Ever pillow? This pillow and other perfect silly-yet-supportive breast cancer gifts are ready to send to your bravest cancer warrior. Your breast cancer care package will be stuffed with all the greatest boobie stuff and will be the talk of the hospital. We promise. cute funy shirts for surgery disease medical school

Uncle Bob had his appendix out, your sister just got diagnosed with scoliosis, and your bestie has colitis, but fear not -- you're ready to give the perfect gift for every naughty body part on everyone's list. We have great appendix removal gifts, funny spine gifts, and piles of colon gifts.

funny colon shirts for IBS IBD colonoscopy cancer

Spleen suddenly removed? Going through an IVF rough patch? Tachycardia landed you in the hospital? Pffft, we got all that and then some. Grab some spleen gifts, uterus gifts and heart gifts while they are still on sale! Ends today at 11:59 PST!

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