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organ medical pins cheap hospital staff nurse pick me up awards prize cute funny surgery gift

Looking for cute organs on sale at 75% off or more? Look no further, my intrepid shoppers, we are spring cleaning and making room for new stuff in 2023, so we gotta move some merch here at I Heart Guts Dot Com! Let's take a tour of the best deep discounts, shall we?

medical bio class stationery anatomy funny cute kawaii letterhead

Why do we still love kawaii stationery when all we do is text and email? I don't know, but I personally love getting a hand-written letter in the mail. 

anatomy cute stationery set adorable kawaii letterhead stickers bio

It is rare and magical, and perhaps you'll put a lift in somebody's step by sending them a letter on this cute organ cartoon stationery by I Heart Guts, published by Chronicle Books. We also have a journal for all your gut feelings.

cute journal cheap sale discount bargain sick kids organ transplant waiting list surgery hospital

We just marked these Spill Your Guts cute blank notebooks down to $2.99 each! Grab a pile for your bio class, or start a letter-writing campaign to hospitalized kids! More than 60% off, y'all! While supplies last.  Won't you help us by taking some cheap goodies home with you on sale? kids socks surgery transplant child life ideas hospital waiting list post-op cheerful

Speaking of hospitalized kids, did you know a Child-Life Specialist is a person who works in a hospital specifically to bring cheer to pediatric patients? It's true. And we are calling all child-life professionals to get these super cute organ socks for kids! (or... adults with smaller feet! I'm a size 8 and can squeeze into these medium size socks.)

organ socks procurement transplant awareness funny cute cartoon guts sock

All kid socks are 75% off, and you can outfit your entire liver transplant waiting list with some cute liver socks, heart socks for your cardiac patients, socks for your kidney post-op kids, and so on. Quantities are limited, stock up on these adorable kawaii socks before we run out! nail wraps nurse medical hospital surgery funny cute bio major med student fancy nail

We are slashing prices here at I Heart Guts! For example, we just knocked a couple more bucks off of these metallic cute heart nail wraps! We know your hands will give them a good home. Jut a handful left at just $3, they used to be $12, that's 75% off, people! You can get four for the price of one! 

hart of gold kids socks child size cardiac care gift surgery hospital transplant

Inflation-busting prices on a bunch of great stuff, including these amazing metallic heart of gold socks in kid sizes and cute organ lapel pins for $1 each! Again, that is 75% off! May you intrepid bargain hunters rejoice in our bleeding! gold tooth keychain dentist office dental funny cute gift prize

Cute gold tooth keychain needs to find a home -- how about yours? Adorable gold tooth keychain is a fab fob for your dental clinic bathroom key. Dental hygienists will find glory in the this golden grille.

cheap medical pins nurse doctor hospital clinic badge reel lanyard hospital ID

Don't sleep on these kawaii medical pins for $1! Salivary gland for your dentist friend or parotid gland cancer survivor... sebaceous gland for your skin care obsessive or dermatologist... Eyeball pin for that cute ophthalmologist you've been eyeing... Pelvis pin for your pelvic floor therapist or childbirth professional, and a Skene's gland pin for your sex educator friend who has everything. 

diabetic camp awareness t1d end diabetes prizes giveaways gift for t2d

If you're looking to erase diabetes, look no further than this pack of pancreas erasers, now on sale! They're 50% off at just six bucks! Perfect prize for diabetes camps, endo conventions, T1D runs and awareness events. Spice up your raffle or prize wheel with cute little pancreases! 

kawaii medical hospital surgery gift son sale

Whether you're looking for sales, feeling the pinch of inflation or just love a good deal, we've got your bargain back covered with our awesome stuff on sale. Great gifts for surgery, med students, nurses, chronic illness warriors or anywhere else laughter is better than meds. While supplies last!

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