Perfect Plushie for Your Liver Care Package

Liver Plushie - Cute Liver Plush - Liver Stuffed Toy
Humor, healing and hepatology go hand in hand with our funny and cute liver gifts! Our liver support pillow softens a hospital stay, and sends a smile during tough times. Laughter is the best medicine, but beware -- don’t let ‘em bust their stitches laughing.

Liver Plushies- Cute Liver Pillow - Liver Stuffed Animals - Plush Liver - Anatomical Liver Gifts
This liver plushie is actually useful -- it makes a cute pediatric post-op cough pillow. Wish we could wave a wand and make it a real liver. But if you can’t donate part of your real liver, at least you can give this fake one.

Liver Plushie - Liver Plush - Stuffed Liver Toy - Liver Pillow

And it’s definitely cheaper than black market organs. You’ll love telling your kid to go to bed -- and don’t forget your liver. Don’t forget that hepatologists need presents, too! Give your doctor a gift they’ll never forget.

Liver Transplant Surgery Post-Op Pillow - Liver Stuffed Toy - Cute Liver Plushie

What does the liver do? The liver makes many of the body’s most vital chemicals, including cholesterol, bile, proteins and the clotting factors needed to stop bleeding. It also stores sugars, proteins and vitamins for use later. The liver cleanses the body, helping to break down harmful substances and metabolize drugs. It has over 500 jobs and is the only organ capable of regrowing itself!

Liver Function - how does liver work and what does it do?

The liver is the largest internal organ, and works super hard as the body's filter, pharmacist, and gas station, storing fuel and nutrients until you need them. Unlike our liver gifts, liver disease is not cute. I wouldn't wish hepatitis, cirrhosis, or jaundice on my worst enemy.

Cute Funny Liver Gifts - Best Liver Disease Transplant Surgery Gifts - Liver Humor
Soft and cute liver plush makes a great liver transplant gift, it's the best-smelling plush liver (go ahead and take a whiff) on the internets, packed with liver facts, liver fun and a happy smile to cheer you up before or after liver surgery.

Liver Plushie - Stuffed Liver - Cute Funny Liver Humor Gift - Liver Surgery Care Package - Liver Gift Basket

Do all animals have livers? Nope, only vertebrates. Weird, right? What animal has the largest liver? Apparently it's the basking shark, whose liver makes up to 25% of its weight. At approximately 2,750 lbs, that is one heavy liver!

Liver Gift Basket Ideas - Best Liver Gifts - Liver Surgery Transplant Care Package Ideas - Funny Liver Gifts

Did you know your liver function can affect your mood? Yep. When your liver stops working well, toxins build in your blood, affecting your ability to focus, increasing anxiety, disrupting sleep patterns and affecting your muscle control. You need a working liver to have a working brain.

Liver Plushie Instagram Liver Fans

How many people need a liver transplant? Over 17,500 folks are on the transplant waiting list in the USA. Living liver donations can help patients who can't wait for a cadaver donation.

Liver Cookies - Liver Shaped Cookies - Cute Funny Liver Cookie

Let's stop talking about cadavers and talk about cookies! Aren't these liver cookies so cute? If you need liver transplant gift ideas, you can fill a liver care package with happy smiling liver merch for your loved one and their care team of doctors, nurses, transplant coordinators and hospital child life staff.

Liver transplant recipient - who needs a liver transplant?

Can I donate part of my liver? Yes you can! You must be the same blood type as the recipient. What do you need to be a liver match? You have to be in good shape, physically and mentally, be between age 18-60, have a less than 35 BMI. If you can't give your real liver, you can always show support with some funny liver surgery gifts.

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