Our Guts Family!

Plush Organs BEstOh my gosh, how our guts gang has grown! It's been a while since we took a proper family portrait, so we pulled out new friends -- hello, spine! and and welcome, knee! -- along with old pals heart and kidney. Here's what we looked like in 2007:

Plush Organs Original

Awww, the original gang of four, from left, heart, lungs, liver and kidney up front. As time went on, taking a group photo got a little more challenging to get all the guts in the picture. Here's a behind-the-scenes snap of taking a picture of our Gutzilla Mega Collector's Set back in 2014:

Plush Organs Photoshoot

Half the job here is fluffing the guts to look like their best selves, smoothing their fur, getting the colors arrayed in a pleasing and satisfying rainbow, and making sure no gut is blocking another gut's cute little face! That's Rachel, my right-hand-woman from back in the day, working on the puzzle of making them all look cute together!

Plush Organ Toys

And here's that final photo! From the top in pink going clockwise, Uterus, Ovary, Heart, Stomach, Appendix, Liver, Thyroid, Spleen, Bladder, Lymph Node, Eyeball, Ski, Tooth, Kidney, Pancreas, Gallbladder, Brian, Intestine, Testicle and Lungs!

Organ ToysThings had grown so out-of-control with so many new friends and life was busy busy so I had to start Photoshopping new friends in...Can you guess which ones?? Here is the Class of 2017, labeled. 

Plush Organs Cutest Best Favorite

And here I am in my finest sweatpants ensemble taking a group plush pic in 2021 from up on my chair perch (my husband secretly snapped this behind-the-scenes shot. Sometimes you come home and your wife has splattered organs all over the floor...and is taking picture of it...). Anyhoo, that's how the snapshot sausage is made, folks! 

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