Not So Basic Back-To-School Supplies

Funny Organ & Anatomy School Supplies - Essential Back to School Supplies - I Heart Guts

Back-to-school jitters take a backseat when it comes time to shop for school supplies. Something about fresh notebooks and stylish gear just tickles our brains in all the right places.

Whether your kiddos are headed to first-grade, or you’re kicking off another year of med school, here’s our roundup of essential back-to-school Guts to kick off a new season of learning.

We’d be pretty jealous of the biology major strutting around campus with their Vulva+Vagina Zipper Pouch Plush. Use this vajayjay pocket plushie to store stationery and knickknacks, or cram your vagina with snacks for those all-night cramming sessions.

Vulva Vagina Zipper Pouch - Vagina Plush - Organ & Anatomy Zipper Pouch

Our guts aren’t just snazzy, they’re educational too! Our Spiral Notebooks are perfect for middle schoolers and grad students alike to use as cute canvases for notes and doodles. Outline the complex functions of the human body on our adorable organ notebooks!

Gallbladder Notebook - Funny Organ & Anatomy Back to School Supplies - I Heart Guts - Organ Notebook - Anatomy Notebook

Learning from errors is part of school – and the school of life! Our Pack of Pancreas Pal Erasers is the perfect reminder that everyone makes mistakes.

Pancreas Erasers - Organ Erasers - Funny Organ & Anatomy Back to School Supplies - I Heart Guts

Another great way to show off your school pride is by sporting Buttons and Badges that represent your major, like our Tooth or Dare Tooth Buttons for those future mouth spelunkers. Wear these in lieu of a plaque or crown. You deserve it for the years of school you’ve put yourself through (or are about to)!

Tooth or Dare Tooth Buttons - Funny Organ & Anatomy Back to School Supplies - I Heart Guts

No matter how old you are, peeling stickers and plastering them on your laptop or water bottle is never not going to be a delightful experience. If you’re a fan of colorful cartoon anatomy, we’ve got a whole pack of 15 Giant Guts Stickers perfect for jazzing up the classroom. Like real guts, these sticky friends will liven things up. Just please don’t put them inside your body.

Giant Guts Sticker Set - Human Anatomy Stickers - 15 Cute Organ Vinyl Stickers - Back to School Supplies - I Heart Guts

Going back to school is a chance for an exciting new adventure, but it can also be a little intimidating. Luckily our Cute Anatomy Pins are the perfect motivational reminder. When you get down about your progress or you think about giving up, carry a little Brain Lapel Pin with you to remind you that your trusty brain will never let you down. Except for the brain farts, of course.

Brain Lapel Pin - Organ Pin - Anatomy Pin - Essential Back to School Supplies - I Heart Guts

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