New Sperm, Ovum, Aorta & Artery + Vein Pins!

From your brain to your teeth, down your spine to your intestines - we have tons of anatomy lapel pins to add some pizzazz to your tops, jackets, bags and more. And this just in: We’ve added four brand spankin’ new pins to the shop! You could say we’ve reached the PINnacle of cute lapel pin collections.

Bloody Cute Pins

This cute new Aorta Lapel Pin would make the perfect blood donor gift, or add it to your collection of other blood and heart pins. 

The aorta is your body’s biggest blood vessel, and is attached to the heart’s upper left chamber. It loops around then dips into your torso, sending oxygen-rich blood from the heart to every inch of your body through a network of tubes called your circulatory system. Sounds like a pretty high-pressure job if you ask us!

Aorta Lapel Pin - Organ Pin - Anatomy Pin - Funny Blood Donor Gift

Speaking of pumping blood, there are a couple of other key players in this system - arteries and veins! Besides making a super cute lapel pin, arteries and veins play a crucial role in carrying blood to and from your heart. Arteries are constantly working their butts off to carry blood away from your heart to the rest of your body, while veins carry it towards your heart. 

Although they have opposing goals, they do have a mutual friend named capillaries that connect them to swap out oxygen and carbon dioxide. And now you can rock an Artery & Vein Lapel Pin to show them some love!

Artery and Vein Lapel Pin - Organ Pin - Blood Donation Pin - Funny Anatomy Gifts - I Heart Guts

Extra Lovin’ For Your Ovaries

The ovum is the reproductive cell released from the ovary. If the mature ovum joins a sperm, it becomes a zygote, then embryo, then a fetus and maybe a baby. Your ovaries contain all the eggs you will ever make! That means the egg that became you was inside your baby mom inside your grandma. Pretty unbelievable right? Show them some appreciation with our Ovum Lapel Pin. It would make the perfect funny gyno gift!

Ovum Lapel Pin - Organ Pin - Funny OB/GYN Anatomy Gifts - IVF Pin

The Sparkly Swimmer

Sperm is the swimming cell responsible for half of a human. Yes, that's right, we are all 50% sperm. Millions of sperm are made daily in the testicles. They swim to the prostate, which adds fluids to create semen. Semen is the special sauce that feeds and protects sperm, which leaves the body through the penis.

Sperm Sparkly Enamel Lapel Pin - Sperm Donor Pin Gift - Funny Sperm Bank Anatomy Pin - I Heart Guts

Sperm Sparkly Enamel Lapel Pins are the perfect gift for the doctor in your life or as a little mascot for anyone you know who is a sperm donor or going through IVF. Better yet, buy them an ovum and a sperm pin to have the perfect pair!

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