You Kneed This Knee Surgery Keychain!

Keeping your knees crossed for a successful knee surgery? This knee joint keychain will let 'em know you kneed 'em! This adorable happy knee enamel keychain comes with a dash of knee replacement surgery humor.

Perfect as a pick-me-up for someone who’s had knee problems, or as a lighthearted addition to your ortho clinic bathroom keys. You kneed this cute keychain!

Need funny knee replacement gifts? Let our cute knee keychain help you on the road to wellness. Our knee surgery gifts are the best for your recovery care package. Kneed keys for your ortho's coat pocket?

Heck, yes! Durable metal enamel keychain is made from nickel and is easily sanitized in clinic or hospital settings. Unlike your real knee, this knee can take a beating. Also it's got cute art on BOTH SIDES! You spoke and we listened! Engraved  with "Kneed for Speed" on the back and the shiny all-metal design will remind you of your robot knee replacement!

What to get someone after knee replacement or ACL surgery: a cute smiling knee gag gift is just what the doc ordered. Our knee joint keychain includes bonus ACL! This fantastic little knee joint keychain is made from nickel and enamel, comes packed on an educational card, was designed in California and made in China.

Before we give all knees a bad rap, let's talk about why knees are awesome! For example, did you know your kneecap is as unique as your fingerprint? That's right, it's not some generic bone, your kneecap (aka your patella) is completely different than your brother's or your best friend's. It's like a snowflake!

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