New Anatomy & Medical Button Set!

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New button set for you and all your friends! A fresh new 20-piece cute anatomy button set variety pack with all new gutsy art, cute organs and dorky slogans. This set has all your fave organ characters -- heart, uterus and brain -- plus some new friends we think you'll love -- spine, knee and some very cute teeth.

funny medical buttons pins badges for lanyard hospital ID badge reel cute nurse medicalConfession time: I spent January drawing to procrastinate from doing my inventory and prepping for tax season. Yes, it's true. I am ashamed of my bad business behavior, but I had a lot of fun doodling and making this cute human body button variety set that show the illnesses, diseases and disorders we love to hate!

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I love to draw the same way blood techs love to draw blood. Let's draw blood together! Maybe you struggle with anemia, hemophilia or you're a blood-loving phlebotomist, we've got a button for that!

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If your crowd loves body parts, this set of cute bio buttons will make you some instant friends. Break the ice with your neurology nerd pals with a "Big Brain Energy" button or "Love Your Brain" badge. Great for neurodiverse folk and neurosurgery nurses alike!

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If your friends skew towards urology, colorectal surgery or nephrology, we've got your excretory butts covered with a "Pooping Rainbows" colon button, "Best Things in Life are Pee" kidney and bladder button AND our personal fave, the "Butt Stuff" button featuring gluteus maximus, rectum and the anus in one pert little booty button.

button set medical hospital ID funny cute lanyard badge reel

Whatever life throws your way, be it diabetes or dialysis, we have the button for you and all your friends in this cute and funny medical button set. Maybe "The Struggle is Renal" button speaks to your dialysis journey, or you wanna show off your Diabestie status, there is a button for every bod in here.medical hospital surgery clinic disease illness humor funny

If you like the designs, but hate buttons, don't fret, many of them -- and so many more -- are available as shirts, totes, mugs and posters over at Threadless! Visit for funny tees for surgery, disease and LOLs.

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