Mommy Brain

Mommy Brain Newborn Humor Meme

The many stages of Mommy Brain.

Mommy Brain Toddler Joke Humor Meme

Which Mommy Brain are you?

Mommy Brain School Age Preteen Humor Joke

I am downsizing the "Want Booze" section of my brain significantly so you don't think me a total lush dirtbag. My faking interest in video games is ON POINT, tho.

Mommy Brain Teens Humor Joke Meme

Also pretty sure "turning into my mother" happens long before the teen years...I'm sure I'm missing things as I am just now venturing into this phase of Mommy Brain.

Mommy Brain Grown Kids Humor Joke Funny

If I ever say this to some mom with a cranky toddler, please punch me in the face. Ultimately, though, we will all end up here. Where did the time go? 

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