Merry Thymus!

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Do you know this little guy?! Most people don’t! The thymus is a tiny, often overlooked organ in the lymphatic system and endocrine system, but it plays a super important role in the body’s immune system!

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Our body’s immune system helps us fight infection, meaning the thymus is vital to keeping us healthy. This is especially important during a global pandemic!

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We all need our thymus to help protect against illness, including COVID-19 and its new highly contagious strain: Omicron. 

People with thymus disorders such as thymic cancer, leukopenia, athymia, or other immunodeficiencies may be more vulnerable to illness or experience worse symptoms of an illness (such as COVID-19) than those without.

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Wearing a mask can help take the load off your (and other peoples’) thymus, among other organs, not just to protect from COVID-19, but also from all viruses, as well as pollution. In some cities like Hong Kong, China, people have worn masks to help their immune systems long before worldwide quarantine!

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Your thymus is your friend! Looking for a reminder not to neglect it? Grab a thymus plush buddy of your own here.

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