Melanin vs. Melatonin

Skin Melanin - Pineal Melatonin What's the deal with melanin and melatonin? Are they the same? Are they different? They sound so similar but are in fact very different vital bodily fluids you need to survive! Let's discuss!

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Melanin is what gives your beautiful skin its color and protects your flesh from the sun. This substance is highly protective. The more melanated you are, the more pigmented your skin will be, and the better protected you and your organs are from the sun's harsh rays. Thanks, melanin!

Pineal Gland Melatonin

While melanin is made all over your body's largest organ (the skin), melatonin is made in a very small spot deep inside your brain. The pineal gland, which helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle, makes melatonin, which helps you sleep! All this talking is making me want a nap...

Melanin Vs Melatonin

It's easy to get these two mixed up. So many bodily fluids, so little time! Just remember that melanin is made by your skin, and melatonin is made by your pineal gland. Melanin = skin protection and melaTONin = sleepytime. Easy!

Melanin vs Melatonin

But now you know a tiny bit more about the human body and all its squishy goos that help us live our best life!

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Whether you are a melanin-lover or a melatonin-lover, or both, since our bodies need them both, know that we love you and all your guts!

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