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Plush Organs Creator - I Heart Guts Founder - Who Makes Plush OrgansHave we met yet? My name is Wendy — and if we’ve never met, hello! 👋— I make plush organs. I love what I do and bust my big blue balls every single day to bring you organ plushies with love, style and brains. I'm a mommy to three crazy kids and 40+ plushie organs. 

Sinus Surgery Gift - Funny Cute Sinusitis Plushie The🫀and soul of I Heart Guts is YOU, our gutsy—and often gutsless—fam. Our brand is so much more than plushies or keychains or poop jokes. It’s a growing, evolving community of brave and badass people who inspire us daily. 

Placenta Birthday Cake

I Heart Guts is 17 years old today!!! 🥳 😱 My weird lil' baby grew up so fast! Now that I Heart Guts is a grumpy teen, I'm thinking back on the menstrual blood spilled to bring plush organs to life.

Uterus Comic

How did I Heart Get get started? Gather 'round my crusty vadge and let me tell you a tale of heartbreak, rejection and a cocktail napkin. A million years ago, I was unlucky in love, doodling sad hearts in a bar on a napkin. I tried to sell the characters (don’t laugh!) to company I worked for at the time -- but they said it was "weird."

I Heart Guts original drawings and art

But I kept drawing them anyway. I started selling organ stickers, buttons and shirts as a side hustle to my main gig as a graphic designer. It wasn't all sunshine and buttcracks.

Uterus and Lung Organ plushies - original plush organs

Hospital gift shops didn’t want the guts — they thought a liver button was "disturbing." Stores hated us, but there were people who did like brain T-shirts, stomach stickers and uterus buttons on the Internet!

Kidney Donors

It was YOU, our loyal freaks and geeks, who found humor and healing in these organ friends. YOU understood that "giving" someone a uterus after hysterectomy is funny. YOU are the ones who give plush organs magic healing powers.

Me and Uterus

YOU have shared your heart-wrenching stories of survival through disease, surgery and bodily struggles. We love hearing how plush organs help you laugh, heal, educate and support yourself & others. 

Gut Health

I'm so proud of the amazing crew that keeps plush organs alive and kicking. Shout out to @disburst @specialedtoys @thebreeze303 @ang_biliicord_headphones @taintedvisions @mindfulmarketingstudio. Props to Guts alumni @littlefice @rachelweaver @alexandrapykebagrash @sarahbeanart @yingyall

Plush Organs

Special thanks to my forever husband @tectonic_city and my non-plushie kids, who came to convention booths as babies, and now help me with the guts!

Mommy Brain Humor Funny Comic


Working for myself meant I could wipe their butts between filling orders. And thanks to my own mommy, who helped me with the kids so I could work!  

Liver Transplant Waiting List

Being sick is a rough road. And we wanna be on that road with you. Let’s make it a road trip, hair flapping in the convertible, sunnies on, drinking bad coffee and laughing our heads off on the way to Vegas. Thanks for letting us ride along.

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