Medical Magnets!

medical anatomy humor magnets nursing med school biochem majors clinic gift cute funnyNeed great gifts for your biomedical buddies? Our cute and funny medical & anatomy magnets make the perfect gift for your favorite nurse, med student or anyone going through some bodily nonsense. Give a little lift before a scary surgery or offer support through chronic illness with a magnet almost as strong as you. At $4 apiece, they are CHEAP, and hey -- magnets are actually useful! Here's the ones we're stuck on:uterus magnet funny cute period humor gift cartoon characterThis I Love My Menstrual Cycle Magnet will have you "period-ically" excited about your monthly cycle! It's time to show some love for your uterus with this cute, strong uterus magnet. It'll stick around to keep you smiling, no matter what your cycle throws at you. Even uterus chunks.

brain magnet mental health neuroscience nerdy cute funny neurology brain anatomy bio

Elevate your brain chemistry with this cute brain anatomy gift! Perfect for the brain surgeon in your life, this Brain Chemistry magnet will proudly proclaim to the world: I'm wild for serotonin and other neurochemicals! Celebrate your cerebellum and all the magical substances your brain squishes out daily. (Plus, let's face it, you can never have enough magnets.)

colon magnte funny cute gift ibs ibd colitics crohns colon cancer colonoscopy

Cute colon magnet brings cheer when your body is acting poopy! Let our “Bowel Movement” colon magnet shine light on colorectal surgery, colostomy and other hard-to-digest topics. Bring a smile to your favorite colon cancer patient, colonoscopy, IBS, IBD, Crohn's or colitis warrior with a big steaming pile of cute anatomical colon magnets. 

colorectal cancer gift funny cute magnet biochemistry majors med school nursingSpeaking of poop, don't forget The Closer -- your rectum! Colorectal health geeks and anal cancer warriors will be delighted by this special Rectum How I Roll magnet. This rectum loves log rolling and isn't afraid to push you off to win big at the porcelain throne!

women health magnet pleasure fun sexual health intimacy badgeAnd last but never least, we have this winning Congrats You Found My Clitoris magnet, to help encourage our partners on their big discovery with a gold star! Uplifting and positive sex ed or sexual health and wellness gift!

medical magnets humor funny cute clinic fridge filing cabinet lab
Dress up your lab fridge or clinic filing cabinet with cute organ cartoon biomedicine character magnets! Nothing cuter than a tiny stomach or thyroid to greet you as you push past your petri dishes to grab your lunch. Ew, gross, no you NEVER mix snacks with your research!!

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