Mask Mess

Face Mask
The COVID Curse continues! Did you get a mask with the design cut off like this? If so, it is a printing error and it's not supposed to look like that! 😱😱😱 If you have a face mask problem please contact for a replacement ASAP. 😷 Because what you really want after waiting forever for your mask is...a messed-up mask that looks nothing like the design you ordered, right??? Ugh. 😰

We deeply apologize for our human error. Believe me, the last thing I want is BAD LAYOUT on your FACE. That is not allowed. I usually order samples before posting stuff live to make sure everything looks good but was overly excited to help raise funds for MedShare, 😬 and didn't get my samples until now because...COVID, COVID, COVID. I have also heard reports that the mask does not fit all faces. This is also a drag and we are so sorry. 😩 SIGH.  

Please contact Threadless with your order number and their excellent customer care team will make it right for you! 😘 Long story short, there is artwork for the face masks and there is different artwork for things like shirts. Some masks got the t-shirt art by mistake. From the bottom of our hearts, please accept our apology for this terribly annoying problem after an already annoyingly long wait. Let us make it right for you with a replacement. I can't apologize enough... 😰 But don't worry, Threadless will take care of you! Curse you, COVID!!! 😡

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