Last Minute Funny Mother's Day Gifts

mother's day funny comic card humor mommyDon't know quite how to thank mom for all she's done for you? And all her uterus has done for you, too? How about a cute plushie uterus? Not al moms are into roses, chocolate and breakfast in bed. Weird moms need gifts too, and we have all the parts you stretched and scraped and destroyed on your way out!

mothers day weird funny giftPerhaps say "I'm sorry" about the episiotomy mom had to get. We moms are happy to serve you, but even happier to cervix you. Get her some gynecological gifts and goodies that will bring on the giggles. 

new mom funny baby gift organ plushies

New babies get all the attention, but new moms need gifts, too. Welcome to the Birthing Person Club! And if you've run out of time, all these wonderful anatomy toys are on Amazon with Prime shipping. So mom can think you've been planning ahead this whole time. Or if it's truly too late, you know what mom would love? A phone call, a heartfelt hand-written card or a hug. And all of those are free!

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