It's About Chyme - What is Chyme?

Stomach Intestine Human Body Comic About Digestion

What to eat for dinner? Always a tough question, unless you're intestine because you eat the same thing for dinner EVERY night, and that's whatever Stomach is serving you, which is Chyme. What's Chyme, you ask? It's partially-digested food laced with stomach acid, bile, digestive enzymes and gastric juices. Delicious!

Stomach Intestine Plushie - Digestive System Plush Pillows - Tummy Stuffed Animal

So whatever you're having for dinner tonight, be glad it's not chyme! Is chyme the same thing as vomit? Not really. By the time your food has made it all the way to your intestines, the liver, gallbladder and pancreas have all added their special juices to the slurry that once was your dinner. It's too far into the digestive process to come back up.

Amazing Digestive System Poster

Need to know more? Read the dirty details of your Amazing Digestive System right here. Whether you're a food lover or digestive system hater, we've got tummy trouble gifts galore! Celebratory stomach gifts, intestine pillow, stuffed liver, plushie pancreas, gallbladder surgery pillow, thyroid plush and tooth plush can help you along the road to a great meal! Cute esophagus, salivary gland and teeth pins for your favorite foodie or gastroenterologist!

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