Is It Normal To Poop More On My Period?

Cramps get all the attention, but here's what sucks even more: period poops. If you’ve found yourself on a strangely irregular bowel movement cycle right around the time of menstruation, then you’ve had a case of period poops.
period poops - period symptoms

Fine, it’s not technically a medical term, but it’s what many humans refer to as the extra pooping (or lack thereof) during the most tumultuous time of our cycle: our period. Believe it or not, this doo doo dilemma affects 73% of women during that special time of the month. 

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Now, we hear you: “Stop explaining my problem to me and tell me why my uterus AND bowels are attacking me at the same time!” We got you! The primary reason you get a case of the “period poops” can be attributed to the fella we call prostaglandin

This hormone is like the accelerator telling your body to squeeze. Your uterine lining has to shed somehow and the squeezing helps to loosen that old, bloody tissue right out of its home in your uterus.

You know what else squeezes with all of that extra “accelerator” floating around? Your bowels. Yep, that prostaglandin doesn’t have a fast track to your uterus - so it visits other organs along the way and gives them a few extra squishes, too. 

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As lovely as extra poop on your period sounds, some people have the complete opposite dilemma. There’s another side to this spectrum of poop-related period issues. Some people find themselves constipated and unable to poop very much if at all during their period! We just can’t win.

Can you take a crack at what the culprit is? You guessed it, another hormone! This time it’s our pal progesterone (the hormone whose levels greatly increase during pregnancy) that stops your bowels in its tracks. Progesterone slows the digestive system entirely, causing stuff to get a little more backed up than usual.

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As with much of human anatomy and bodily functions, there is a broad spectrum of period poop symptoms that affect people differently, and it’s usually nothing to be alarmed about. 

Nonetheless, no one likes to have their bowels squeezing at an alarmingly fast or slow rate, making us feel bloated and clogged up like a pipeline that hasn’t been flushed out in years. Too much detail? Perhaps. In any case, eating healthy, vitamin-rich food while staying hydrated is always a good answer. If you can exercise when you’re feeling stopped up that’ll help move things along, too. 

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A uterus-owner’s menses is never a simple time or one with a lack of less-than-desirable side effects, but it’s something that does seem a little more normal when we realize how many women deal with the same thing. If something seems a little suspicious during your period, it’s always a good idea to talk to your friendly healthcare pro and get their opinion before things can get any crappier (sorry, we had to.)

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