Insulin Keychain for your Diabestie!

This stylish and cute insulin keychain will give good cheer when you and your blood sugar needs a boost. Cute stylized diabetes character features the amino acid chains that make up this peptide hormone, made in your pancreas (or NOT if you're diabetic!).

This funny diabetic gift will bring a smile to your T1D warrior's face, keeping spirits high while that blood sugar runs low. Cute happy insulin pal perfect for T1D and T2D awareness and care package ideas! When life gives you diabetes, you gotta laugh — and attach this cute friend to your keys or glucose kit. 

This awesome insulin keychain is just your type, whether you have type 1, type 2 or gestational diabetes, we've got the perfect diabetic warrior gift to celebrate that dreaded diabetes diagnosis. This keychain will be the star of your endocrinologist's keys or diaversary party!

Deck out your diabetes kit with a pancreas keychain, enamel pin or pancreas sticker. Adorable diabetes gift ideas for a diaversary or favorite diabadass. Pancreas socks and diabetic gifts for you and your type 1 or type 2 diabestie. 

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