How To Celebrate Nurses Week 2023

How To Celebrate Nurses Week 2023

Nurses bust their bosoms for our health and comfort, and Nurses Week is coming in hot! So that their morale doesn’t sag, you should hoist up these healthcare superstars with a party hosted in mammary of all their hard work. Squeeze in these clever games and gifts, and they’ll think you’re the breast!


Why We Celebrate Nurses Week

Delivering care, education, and advocacy to our communities, nurses are as deserving of recognition as Florence Nightingale for her contributions during the Crimean War. She’s considered the founder of modern nursing!

Running from National Nurses Day to Nightingale’s birthday, May 6th-May 12th, National Nurses Week is all about thanking nurses for their cervix.

Show Your Appreciation With These Amusing Nurses Week Activities 

Whether your fave team of nurses works at a hospital, care facility, or physician’s orifice, these clever activities will make ‘em feel cherished. Try out these fun nurse games and watch your fav healthcare providers bond like bodily fluids to scrubs!

  • Anatomy Karaoke

If they have the guts, singing along to anatomical songs will make nurses feel good inside their skin. Use our Funky Anatomy Playlist as a backing track to turn a bag-of-bones party into a full-fledged fiesta.

  • Human Scavenger Hunt

When it comes to scavenging up a happy career, comradery is half the battle. A hunt for facts about coworkers will help nurses feel seen, bring them closer together, and take the stress off their body of work.

  • Pin the Catheter On the Urethra

Turn a messy, mundane task into a thrilling game! Paste a urinary diagram on the wall, print and putty some catheters, and spin each nurse ten times to see who can perform a tubular cath blindfolded.

  • Code Blue Relay Race 

Tense situations can take a toll on nurses’ mental health. Treat them to a heart-racing relay to take away the blues! A mishap or two along the way won’t cause any harm and should resuscitate their smile. 

  • Emesis Basin Coin Toss

Kidney dishes can have a bad connotation. Why waste an opportunity to borrow one from the surgical ward and use it for something renal-ly fun? Toss coins from across the room, and the winner takes the lot.

Don’t Forget Nurse Appreciation Gifts!

After you organ-ize silly activities, it’s time to assemble some caregiver care packages. To show you care without your wallet bleeding out, try these inexpensive ideas for Nurse Week. Funny nurse gifts are the coolest part!

  • Syringe Jello Shots

Nurse gift ideas don’t have to suck. Give ‘em something tasty to suck on with oral medication syringes full of red jello! Pro tip: Stick to low liquor content so they don’t nurse a hangover during their next shift.

  • Cute Organ Swag

The pinnacle of all nurse week gifts, Organ Plushies are companions they never knew they needed! Perfect for squeezing during stressful times, they’re so cute they’ll tickle the innards of all that see them.

  • Shift Survival Kits

If you’re searching for how to say “Happy Nurse Week,” gifts to help the healthcare squad get through their shifts in one piece are a great place to start. A shift survival kit can include anything from candy to caffeinated tea!

All Set On Nurses Week Appreciation Ideas?

Have you planned out how to celebrate Nurse Week? Scroll our I Heart Guts TikTok Account to wind down with some amazing medical humor! You can totally steal some to impress your party guests. *Permission granted.*

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