Holiday Shipping Update

Plush Organs Near Me

Welp, it's that time of year when we can't work enough magic to get those guts delivered to you by 12/24 from here at! I wish we could personally deliver each and every organ to your doorsteps, shoving aside those pesky porch pirates to put a pancreas into the safety of your loving arms. However, that is not realistic, my friends, now, is it? And this year has proved particularly tricky in getting our guts to you. But fear not! You still have a few options:

Plush Organs at Stores Near Me

1. Find Plush Organs Near You!
Plenty of wonderful stores near you carry plush organs -- who knows, there might be a store offering curbside pickup or local delivery near you? Take a peek at our stockist list and see if they have the thyroid/uterus/eyeball of your dreams. You might make new friends and find your new favorite store! We have added many new stores in the past few weeks, so take a look and support a local small business! This has been a garbage year for retail, so shop small and local! You just might someone's day.

2. Shop Amazon
The other side of the retail coin is of course The Store Named For a Tribe of Warrior Women. We are not judging, there is truly nothing more convenient than Amazon Prime and their pandemic delivery game is ON POINT. Anywhoo, the I Heart Guts store on Amazon has everything you need and more, delivered. We would recommend shopping as early as possible to avoid pandemic-induced delivery delays. Even Amazon is having a tough time nailing those delivery dates with all the parcels swirling about, so we recommend ordering by 12/21 for on-time delivery.

Plush Organ Gift Card

4. Gutsy Gift Card!
No way to get it in time? No worries! An I Heart Gut gift card is just the way to deliver good cheer AND let your friend do the hard work of choosing which organ to take home! Pick up a gift card for plush organs and feel your shipping stress slide away like a marshmallow into a steaming cup of cocoa. They come in amounts from $10-$200. You can even get gift cards for tees, mugs, face masks, cozy blankets and more at our guts print-on-demand store! Visit our Threadless shop for a gutsy gift card. Done and DONE. Banish that pesky pandemic procrastination ASAP and stop worrying. All you have to do is print out our little card and delight friends and family with a gut of their choice.

5. Take a Gamble
Just because we can't guarantee delivery at doesn't mean it's impossible, it's just not guaranteed. Stranger things have happened. Sometimes those super-late packages end up breezing through quickly because the holiday rush is over, especially in California, which is where we ship from. You never know. But don't get mad at us if that prostate is delayed!

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