Hilarious Organ-Themed T-Shirts To Gift For Every Occasion

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If you like puns and guts as much as we do, you’ll want to check out our latest drop of funny medical tees on Amazon. Make others laugh with our hilarious organ-themed apparel! I Heart Guts custom tee shirts are the perfect pressie for anyone in your life.

Diabetes isn't fun, but this adorable pancreas and insulin duo are! Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes got you down? Laugh it off with this humorous diabetes t-shirt, a sweet gift for the person with diabetes in your life.

Our cute funny diabeted humor sweatshirt even ships to the United Kingdom! It’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your 'Betic Bestie.

Shop Love You Like Insulin T-shirt on Amazon - Diabetes T-shirts - Funny Diabetes Gifts - I Heart Guts

We’re pelvic thrusting over our funny hip replacement surgery tee. Spread hip replacement surgery smiles with our I Love This Hip Joint gift idea. This hip gift will even have pelvic floor therapists, bone doctors, and birth educators saying hip hip hooray.

Shop Hip Replacement T-shirt on Amazon - I Love This Hip Joint T-shirt - I Heart Guts

Put a pep in your step with our cute kidney surgery transplant pullover hoodie! You’ll be the envy of your nephrology crew when you sport this renally cute and punny kidney pattern. When the struggle is renal, you need cute kidneys to help you heal! This renal disease pullover will tickle even your favorite urologist! Kidney donors and kidney recipients will love this silly kidney hoodie.


Shop Kidney Transplant Sweatshirt on Amazon - Urine Great Hands Hoodie - I Heart Guts


Make acid reflux your biggest asset with this cute esophagus GERD t-shirt! This shirt will help you laugh off the acidity whenever GERD gets you down. Your burning esophagus isn't cute, but this adorable esophagus tee is! Living with GERD all the way in Germany? Get our tee overseas! Our funny GERD esophagus tee is available on Amazon Germany.

Shop Acid Reflux T-shirt on Amazon - GERD Esophagus Tee - I Heart Guts

Celebrate post-partum placenta humor with this funny childbirth placenta t-shirt! Your placenta may be gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t commemorate the time you spent together. Give this amazing organ the love it deserves and gift it as a lovely reminder of time served inside momma's uterus.

Our cute funny placenta shirt is even available in Japan and is great for umbilical cord bankers, placenta encapsulators and cord tissue geeks. In need of a gift for midwife, doula, OB/GYN, labor and delivery nurse or other placenta enthusiast? Get fancy in France with our midwife doula gift t-shirt that ships to your arrondissement!

Shop Placenta Tee on Amazon - Funny Placenta Belly Button Tee - Organ T-shirt - I Heart Guts

Show off your new and improved knees with this cute knee replacement surgery hoodie! Knees knocking before an operation? Ward away the scaries with this knee replacement recovery gift! Wear something cute to make your knee surgeon physical therapist laugh. Once your torn ACL is repaired, show off your Kneed for Speed with this hilarious punny knee surgery hoodie.

Say ciao to your new knee with an adorable knee surgery recovery pullover hoodie, shipping to Italy via Amazon!

Shop Knee Replacement Sweatshirt on Amazon - Kneed for Speed Hoodie - I Heart Guts

Looking for a lighthearted pre-or-post surgery present for guaranteed laughs? In need of a witty get-well gift for an organ donor or recipient? On the hunt for an amusing present for a med student, nurse, doctor, or healthcare worker? Our entertaining organ t-shirts are here to save the day!

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