Happy Kidneyversary To You!

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How do you celebrate a new kidney? With kidney cakes, kidney cookies and a Kidneyversary party every year, of course! Leveling up life with a new kidney is a really big deal, and it's a re-birth worth partying for.kidney cake kidneyversary celebration
Check out these amazing kidney cake ideas for the kidney recipient in your life. Celebrate another year with humor in your heart and gratitude in your glomeruli. Say "Yip-pee" to your "Urination Celebration" with the sweet taste of NOT going into kidney failure!

kidney cake donor surgery transplant celebration

It's kind of a big deal. And lots of folks celebrate the date of their kidney surgery -- their kidneyversary, if you will -- like a birthday, because honestly, it's the start of a whole new life with your new kidney baby.

kidney cookies

We are so amazed by the craft and creativity that went into each of these. I mean, look at these cookies -- so profesh! And speaking of pro, our friend Bakeralla recently celebrated 10 years with her new kidney. That's a match to last.

kidney cake pops kidneyversary party

Whether pro or homemade, your kidney-loving loved one will love anything you bake for their kidneyversary party. Getting a new kidney is very exciting! Unless you've been on the waitlist yourself, it's hard for us mere mortals to understand how amazing it is to have a working kidney after years of kidney failure and dialysis.

kidney cake cupcakes kidney party Check out this incredible spread of kidney cupcakes AND a kidney cake! Welcome to the fam, lil' kidney! It really is a fam -- because when they put in your new kidney, they don't take out your old one, they just plug in the new one. So after a kidney transplant you have THREE kidneys. It's triplets, mama!

kidney party cake celebration ideas kidneyversary

Wow, look at this one -- 20 YEARS! Just amazing! And the "Yip-pee" and "Urination Celebration" are the "Mom" tattoo on the kidney are not merely the icing on the cake -- so hilarious and amazing. Congrats, Johnny! We renally love your sense of humor and can't get a neph or it.

kidney cake kidney transplant anniversary

Life with a transplant isn't all sunshine and roses -- you have to take tons of anti-rejection meds to keep that kidney feeling welcome inside your body. It's a lot of pills to choke down, but anything to keep that kidney. Looking for a long-lasting relationship with a kidney? Our kidney plushies are not what the doctor ordered, but a cuddly kidney can be your recovery bestie and help prop up your incision as you heal. Grab the cute kidney gift cure for a Forever Kidney to sit with you on the couch, on your bed, or perhaps a trip to Disneyland? (a kidney can dream, right?)

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