Grateful For Guts


What the what, Thanksgiving already?! We're grateful for you, dear reader, and for our Guts for getting us through another year, hopefully in one piece.

Organs (whichever you still have left) are the unsung heroes of the body. Let's give them a shoutout for all the amazing stuff they do!

Hats off to our stomach for being the ultimate foodie and digesting whatever culinary challenge we throw its way like questionable gas station sushi and late-night ice cream binges.

Then there's the liver, the body's detox guru, working overtime to clean up after weekend indulgences. If our liver had a dollar for every toxin it filtered, it would be retired in Florida by now.

Our intestines deserve an award for keeping things moving in timely fashion... usually. Most days, they're on top of their game, ensuring everything flows smoothly so we can sit on our toilet throne.

A round of applause for our pancreas next. It's the body's personal chef, whipping up insulin and other digestive juices. Without it, we'd be in a real pickle. 

Let's not forget the kidneys, the ultimate filter duo keeping the body's environment cleaner than a hypochondriac's kitchen. Thanks to them, we're as filtered as an Instagram selfie.

In short, organs are the MVPs of our body's daily hustle. Thanks to our Guts for working tirelessly to keep everything in check. Their dedication deserves our utmost gratitude. We're internally grateful. 

Show gratitude for someone's Guts this holiday season with funny award-winning plushie anatomy toys that bring a smile to your face and smarts to your brain! 

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