Golden Girls

Gold Vinyl Plush✨Gold Sale! ✨Our gold heart and tooth are cheap-ninety-cheap this week only. Still oh-so-special and sparkly! Visit all things shiny and gold right here. We also have gold keychains, gold socks, gold lapel pins and even golden nail wraps!

Heart of Gold Socks

That's not all! Our Heart of Gold socks, great for your favorite nurse or awesome person, are also on sale, marked down to $5 from $12! We only have small sizes left, but you can squeeze your feet into them, right? My foot is a size 8 but can still wear a kids medium without looking ridiculous. Fantastic stocking stuffer!

Gold Tooth KeychainAlso cute and on sale: our gold tooth keychain is now $5, marked down from $7. It makes an adorable bathroom key for your dentist office, periodontist bathroom, or the keys to your orthodontist's Maserati. And look! Our tooth has a regular tooth AND a gold tooth in it's little mouth -- it's so shiny and adorable! I'll let you calculate that discount percentage because I haven't had my coffee yet (fine, it's about 30% off).

Gold Nail Wraps

One last sale item we think you'll love: Heart of Gold Nail Wraps! Yes, we are dressing our nails now. I am not a girly girl myself, but maybe you are? These are cute, long-lasting and guess what? They used to be $12 but now they are priced to move at $5 smackers! 

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