Gift Guide for your Badly Behaved Body Parts

santa naughty list
Santa low-key judging my body for all its probs. Fear not, help your pal with those misbehaving body parts a little joy in the form of plushie organs to show them you've been paying attention to their chronic health woes! gifts for the body that "has it all" every disease

What do you give to the person who "has it all"  -- diabetes, knee problems, stuffed sinuses -- and not in a good way? We all have that friend plagued by non-stop doctor's visits or endless auto-immune troubles. Give 'em what they really need -- to feel seen and laugh their tushie off.

 diabetic gift guide, funny care package gifts t1D diabetes gift basket

Wear matching shirts with your Diabestie, snag a Sad Pancreas Club tee or check out our Love You Like Insulin T-shirt, we have loads of cute new diabetic T-shirt designs waiting for you to gift to your fav T1D (or yourself!)

colorectal surgery giftsColorectal surgery got you down in the dumps? We have stuff for everyone on your list, especially your Poop List! We love our colon and rectum keychains, they bring a smile to buttholes everywhere and make cheap a$$ gifts for your IBS and IBD poop pals.

cute shirt for anatomy lovers gift ideas

If you have a disease, we have just the funny anatomy T-shirt for it! Let's see... have we missed any misbehaving organs? Santa has his eyeballs on the following for his Naughty List this year: gallbladder is getting coal, appendix def on my Bad Organs list, and Testicle doesn't even believe in Santa anymore so they're not getting anything.

gift guide for health problems

Whether you need gallbladder surgery gift ideas, something for for an appendix surgery care package, scoliosis stocking stuffers or Uterus Gift Guide, we've got all your naughty and nice body parts covered.

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