Get Into The Halloween Mood With Guts

For serious Halloween-heads like us, October officially starts spooky season. Get into the spirit with our Bloods, Guts & Bones and see what our slimy organs are up to this month.

You might be familiar with pumpkin spice lattes, but our Pancreas Plushie prefers to indulge in a seasonal beverage with far more enzymes.

Gulping down a steaming pancreas spice latte is the only way our candy-loving pancreas can produce enough insulin to process the extra glucose and sugar in our bloodstream!

Eat, drink, and be scary is the motto of our Stomach Plushie, especially after we overindulge in candy corn and Skittles. “I ache for you,” our gut gurgles.

Double, double toil and trouble. Smile through the pain with a Funny Stomach Pin while your stomach concocts a potion of IBS and acid reflux. Ah yes, a pinch of potassium chloride, a dash of hydrochloric acid, a shake of GERD… 

What's scarier than The Shining's Grady Sisters? The two evil ovary twins in our body that are scheming to destroy us from the inside out.

They'll be possessing our menstrual cycle all October long and bewitching us with unpredictable hormonal fluctuations. Be very afraid!

Maybe your ovaries are an extra nightmare and produced cysts, or just decided to call it quits. If you’re feeling frightful, an Ovary Plush can help you cope with the scaries.

You don’t have to travel far to get to a haunted house. There’s one right inside of your body!

If your womb is eternally damned by common conditions like dysmenorrhea, polyps, cysts, PCOS, endometriosis, and the list goes on, then you’re probably tormented every month, not just October.

Use a Uterus Plush as an effigy of your inner turmoil. Take your frustrations out on it, or even stab it with pins when you’re howling with pain during an especially demonic period!

If your socks haven’t been scared off by our creepy eyeballs and icky innards, congrats! You’re braver than we are. Honor yourself for being an ova achiever with a pair of Uterus and Ovary Socks.

Twist the bones and bend the back… What’s that spine-chilling click-cracking sound?

That’s just our Spine Plush re-aligning after some wicked adventures. Our backbone pillow bends in crazy ways your own spine cannot. Or can it?😱

Who can resist the urge for fresh blood? Our Blood Plush is cursed by popular demand during October. 

The Halloween ghouls, goblins, and vampires are thirsting for blood. If you’re among them, rep your bloodlust with a Blood Friends t-shirt, you savage.

Still not satisfied? Sink your teeth into the latest bloody cute pins we’re totally fang-girling over.

The scariest monsters are the ones you don’t see coming, so hold onto our guts from the Bloods, Guts & Bones Collection. Happy Halloween! See you on the other side.👻🎃

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