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What are the best colorectal cancer gifts?

We’ve got your butts covered with the best rectum cancer gifts. IBS, IBD, Crohn’s and colitis warriors also love a plush anus. Butthole plushies make a great companion to all the lovely colon diseases life has thrown at you. When life gives you rectum disease, make lemonade! And if you can't make lemonade, we know you can serve up some fresh diarrhea.

Rectum Gifts - Bringing Up The Rear - Funny Rectal Surgery Butthole Gifts - Organ Plushie, Keychain, Pins - Colorectal Cancer Gifts - Funny Gastroenterologist Colorectal Surgeon Gifts - I Heart Guts

What is rectal prolapse surgery?

Take a sip of your coffee, pull up a chair, and prepare yourself, because you would not wish rectal prolapse on your worst enemy – it’s when your rectum or parts of your colon squeeze themselves out of your butt. You need surgery to stuff it back in and sew it back in place. Now take another sip of that coffee and hope it’s only poop coming out of your butt and not parts of your excretory system.

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What do I give my friend with a prolapsed rectum?

Never thought you’d be Google-ing prolapsed butthole gift ideas, did you? Well, we are here for you with some chicken soup for your rectum. Who needs a rectum cancer blue ribbon when you can pin a cute smiling rectum to you backpack or badge ID instead? Gastroenterologists and colorectal surgeons love a rectum affixed to their white coat. 

Rectum Pin - Bringing Up The Rear - Butthole Pin - Organ Pin - Colorectal Cancer Gifts - Funny Gastroenterologist Colorectal Surgeon Gifts - I Heart Guts

What should I include in a rectum surgery care package?

If you need a gift to celebrate your hemorrhoid Bob (his name is Bob), a fistula gift or colorectal surgery, there is no better rectal surgery gift than our rectum plush, rectum keychain or rectum lapel pin. Our rectum plush got a shout-out in BuzzFeed’s list of “35 Adorable Stuffed Toys Even Adults Will Want.”

Rectum Keychain - Bringing Up The Rear - Butthole Keychain - Organ Keychain - Colorectal Cancer Gifts - Funny Gastroenterologist Colorectal Surgeon Gifts - I Heart Guts

What's the Best rectum plush on Amazon?

Duh, ours (full disclosure, it's the only rectum plush on Amazon). Our plush rectum has fans on Amazon: “Absolutely perfect small gift for my boyfriend. He has Crohn's disease and needed some cheering up. This happy little rectum worked perfectly! It's sitting with the colon I also gifted him.” Sara P. on Amazon. Stick a rectum in your gift basket and spread the butthole love!

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