Funny Breast Cancer Gifts for Patients, Survivors and Mastectomy

Breast Cancer Infusion Gifts - Breast Cancer Treatment Radiation Chemo Funny GiftsNeed something a little different than the pink ribbon stuff? We've got that! Our funny breast cancer gifts (photo courtesy @dollybreatson, follow her adventures on Instagram!) bring support to a newly diagnosed patient, or someone getting ready for radiation treatment or mastectomy.

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Perhaps your breast cancer warrior needs some breast cancer humor. We can give the girls a lift and support with our cute new breast lapel pin or supportive breast plushie, the perfect pal to take to radiation, infusions, mammograms, mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. Just what your breast cancer gift basket needs!

Breast and Mammary Gland Function

Breasts contain the mammary glands make us mammals and also make us milk! There’s a very good reason we’re all obsessed with boobs — they feed our young. These exocrine glands produce milk for babies, and they look fabulous doing their job. Every body has mammary glands -- women, men and everyone in between! Estrogen promotes their development while testosterone prohibits development — pretty neat, huh? Let's all give thanks for the mammaries!

funny breast cancer gifts for radiation infusion chemo mastectomy reconstruction

What types of breast cancer are there? Let's plunge right in! The non-invasive breast cancers -- kinda like the "cool mom" version of breast cancer -- are ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) and lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS). Ductal is, as it sounds, cancer in the milk ducts. Lobular means the cancer grows in the lining of the milk-producing glands. "In situ" is a fancy phrase for "in place."

Woman's Choice Perinatal - Ashanti Rivera
Ok, hold onto your boobs, because now we're going into worse types of breast cancer now, the invasive breast cancers (the "helicopter mom" of boob cancers). Here we have our invasive ductal (again, the ducts) carcinoma, invasive lobular (the lobes) carcinoma, locally advanced breast cancer, and worst of all, metastatic breast cancer (this particular cancer must be why Breast Cancer Awareness falls in October -- because it's SCARY).

Mammary Mummy - Breast Cancer Halloween Ideas
Breaking down the boobie cancer further, the cancer itself expresses itself (c'mon cancer, can't you express yourself creatively through art or music? Why does it have to be cancer?) with genetic subtypes. If you're deeply nuzzled into your breast cancer diagnosis, perhaps you have heard of HER2-positive, triple negative or hormone receptor positive breast cancer. These are a few breast cancer markers. And no, you can't color with them.

Breast Cancer Markers

Cancer staging is when you first discover the cancer in your boobs, and what kind of treatment course your doctor will recommend. There are four cancer stages your oncologist will describe to you in scientific and clinical detail, but, basically there are stages 0 to 4 ranging from "No Big Deal" to "Destroy This Wretched Tumor So I Get Out of This Alive."

Funny Names for Breasts - Breast slang - What do you call Boobs

OK after all that heavy boob talk, we need some lightness and fun: what do you call your boobs? We know you have names. Mine are named License and Registration and my best friend’s are Cheech and Chong. My mom had Lucy and Ethel before her mastectomy, but they’re not friends anymore.

Breast Plushie - Breast Cancer Plush - Cute Breast Pillow - Stuffed Breast for Surgery Cancer

Breasts are the best, and we've got the best funny breast cancer awareness gifts for you to enjoy! Breast cancer warriors and lactation consultants agree -- our fluffy breast plush is supportive, friendly and always wants to cuddle. And you may need a pal during those many exams, pokings and proddings you may undergo when you are newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

Breast cancer awareness pin funny cute breast exam gynecology gynecologist oncology gift idea

Our breast plushie includes Breast Exam Ever for your self-exam fun times ahead of that mammogram. Your white coat or badge reel will look cuter and friendlier with a smiley boob pin, makes a great gynecologist gift! Gynecological clinics are way cuter with funny breast exam chart on the walls, so check that funny cute breast cancer infographic out along with the mamms.

Breast Exam Ever Pillow - Funny Breast Exam Poster for Clinic

Snap up some boob buttons and mammary lapel pins for your coat, bag or badge reel. Oncologists, gynecologists, radiologists and ultrasound techs love these little cute breast cancer support gifts.

Breast Self Exam Tiktok Cute Funny Breast Exam Cancer Poster Infographic

You may have seen our Breast Exam on Tiktok! Spread the word on the importance on knowing the texture and appearance of your own boobs so cancer won't get the breast of you!

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