Free & Funny Printable Valentine Cards

kidney valentine funny

If love makes you feel funny inside, or turns your insides into goo, look no further than our cute organ valentines! Because let's face it, Love is strange. Also, if you forgot to buy a gift for your sweetheart, or you're trying to save your pennies, these free printable Valentines will back you printable valentines
Not everyone is into chocolate and roses. In fact, some of us want to say "I love you" with farts and pap smears. If you're that person, you're our kind of people! Step right up and grab our free downloadable weird valentine cards.

farting valentine card

Need a valentine card that comes straight from the Colon? We get that. Hand out these medical-themed valentines and watch the LOLs roll in. Happy V-day!

happy v day plush organs valentinesHaving a hard time saying I Love You... to your Gynecologist? Well, we all have that problem, don't we? Never fear, we've got just the right valentine for your OB/GYN right here as free printable valentine cards. Never thought you'd find an episiotomy-themed or fibroid-themed Valentine, did ya?

gynecology valentines

However you wanna say I love you, we have pretty much every organ covered, so check 'em out, print them all and give them to your weird friends, your strange sweetheart or anyone who needs a little extra lub dub.

valewntines for medical professionals, med students, nurses and doctors

If you'd go to the end of the erthrocyte for your Blood Buddy or can't get a neph of your renal honey, these valentine cards are for you and all your med school pals, your favorite nurse, hospital admin, new docs on rotations or anyone in the health community.anatomical heart cardiology valentine

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