Free Anatomy Poster!

cute human body poster - free anatomy poster - plush organs
New free human body poster with all our new plush organ friends! Enjoy all your cute plush organs on one free anatomy poster that's great for kids and talking about body parts. When we say body parts, we mean ALL THE PARTS and we don't hold back. Please take a close look at this poster before posting in your classroom, office or clinic to make sure you're ready for all the curious questions kids might ask!
Sex and Reproduction Organ Plush Stuffed Animals - Vulva Vagina Plush Toy- Penis Stuffed Toy
 If you're not ready, we are not judging, we just wanted to give you a fair warning before you spend the next science class or bedtime chat talking about vaginas and penises.
How Human Body Works - What Body Does - Human Anatomy Simple
If you'd like some more free anatomy teaching materials, be sure to download our Amazing and Adorable Human Body poster, which explains, very briefly, what each gut and gland in your body does for a living.
Organ human body lapel pins - anatomy enamel pins - medical pins lanyard badge reel
Quick shameless self-promotion: Aren't these organ lapel pins just so darn cute? Ok, back to anatomy geekery. We do our best to explain stuff throughout our anatomy gift shoppe -- it doesn't take much to paint a picture of how the human body works for a kid. What is it? Where is it? And what does it do? They aren't gonna remember much -- though they will ask a million-and-one questions -- so it's good to keep your anatomy lesson simple.
Cute Body Parts - Anatomy Drawings - Human Body Characters
That's all the guts that are fit to print! Have  great and gutsy day!

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  • Jenelle Scott

    I just found your website and love it. I teach life science to middle school students and I think that adding in your plush organs will add to my curriculum.

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