Does Retail Therapy Actually Work?

Houston Museum of Natural Science Heart plushYou can't buy your way out of a serious health problem. But, we are Americans. So of course we think a little retail therapy, say, buying a plush organ while we wait for surgery, will help us heal.

Gallbladder gift plush funny surgery gift

Honestly, buying something online is so much easier than making major medical decisions, right? Weirdly, retail therapy is a real thing -- studies have shown that shopping creates a sense of control in one's life.

Colon gift cute colon surgery toy

While this feeling of control obviously doesn't last -- we get a little dopamine rush when we click that shiny "BUY NOW" button, another exciting rush when the item arrives. But in the end you are left with new a "Fun New Thing" but also "Same Old Problems."

Brain plush toy cute neuron pillow neurosurgery gift

So even if you get a break from whatever stress, depression or boredom is eating you alive, the act of buying something will only give your brain a wee little temporary boost. And if you edge into shopping addiction, that's a whole 'nother banana.

Kidney surgery plush kidney donor gift

This eats at me in particular because I see a lot of our customers undergoing stressful medical situations. And I worry they are trying to buy their way out of the reality of say, needing dialysis, by getting something fun and cute, say, a plush kidney, instead of facing the beast that is their major health problem.

Lung plushie cute funny surgery post op recovery gift cough pillow

On the other hand, I know from my customers that these little plush organ mascots really can help people on their health journey, so I don't want to discount the magic powers y'all give to our guts when you bring one into your lives.

medical gift funny cute doctor present best surgeongift

Let's not forget the medical professional who is doing the actual work of healing your body. They say laughter is the best medicine, but it turns out medicine is pretty darn good, too.

Bladder plushie cute funny

The heart wants what it wants! We won't stop you from buying our plush organs. But we also recommend going outside, going on an adventure with a good friend, taking a lungful of fresh air, peeing on a tree or looking at the stars and into the vast beyond. Your body, lungs, heart and brain will thank you. And it's free!

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