Our Human Body Pin Family Has Grown!

Human Body Organ Enamel Pins - Cute Funny Medical Pins for Badge Reel Hospital Lanyard
Oh my gosh, look how our anatomical organ pin collection has expanded! We're pleased to intro four new styles: sperm pin, ovum pin for you reproductive geeks out there. Hope you like our sparkly spunk!

Sparkly sperm enamel pin for sperm bank IVF clinic funny cute sperm donor semen

Plus artery & vein pin and aorta pins will hopefully please our phlebotomist, hematologist and blood tech nerds. Blood diseases like leukemia are terrible. Hopefully these blood pals can keep you company on your health journey.

Blood Banking Blood Donor Cute Pins - Funny Cute Blood Drive Collection Pins

Our collection of cute blood gifts will draw you in then prick you with cuteness. These artery cuties make adorable incentives at your next blood drive!

Artery and Vein Blood Center Pins Badges Blood Bank Blood Donation Blood Drive

We have the best selection of cute organ pins, body buttons and anatomy gifts for your inner -- or outer! -- geek. Bling your badge reel with a uterus pin, heart pin or brain pin! Share guts with your doctor, nurse or anatomy nerd bestie. Celebrate that busted gallbladder or appendix! Spice up your work ID or hospital lanyard with smiley happy organ friends.

Sparkly vagina enamel pin - Cute funny vagina for badge reel lanyard - OG/GYN clinic

Not to be forward, but have you met our sparkly vagina enamel pin yet? Our reproductive system pins have been reproducing, look at all the fun friends! below: from the top clockwise we have testicle, testosterone, vulva with sparkly clit face and vaginal opening, original vagina+vulva, estrogen, penis+testicle with sparkly urethra, ovum and smack in the middle is sperm!

Reproductive parts cute pins - funny cute health class enamel pins - human body pins

Peep all our fun reproductive system gifts here. Brain pins, heart pins, uterus pins, kidney pins and all the cute anatomical pins look fab on your white coat, badge reel or jacket. Enamel, sparkly anatomical pins and bulk medical pins! Wear your specialty or disease with pride. Or just sport a butthole pin. We've got anatomy pins for every body!

Anatomy Pin Collection - Cute Human Organ Enamel Pins - Best Selection Bulk & Wholesale

If you're a store carrying our pins, first of all, thank you! Second of all, do you want some cute point-of-sale graphics for your store? We have an adorable point-of-sale lapel pin poster, updated for 2022, with the fancy sparkly genitalia and all that, also we have a plush organs POS poster you can download, print out, and tape to your wall! The cutest organ shaped lapel pins ever, grab a human body lapel pin and spread smiles. 

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