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Uterus Transplant Woman Pregnant

Visit our socials and you'll find that the best part of our feed is not new plush organ announcements, period memes or poop jokes (tho you will find those) but the amazing tales of survival from our customers. Take for example Liz, shown above, born without a uterus and has undergone a years-long process of getting a uterus transplant.

Placenta plushie tiktok

We also learn so much from you on social! We love it when you use our plush organs as props when educating others on Tiktok, and hope it helps bring a fluffy smiley visual to your important topic. Robi the Doula on Tiktok tells us all about cervixes and placentas and their role in childbirth using our OBGYN plushies as props. 

Colon plushie tiktok cute funny

Soften hard-to-digest topics like gut health with cute plushie organs like Dr. Austin Chiang, our fave gastroenterologist on Tiktok! Our favorite thing about social media, tho? YOU! Seeing YOUR photos and hearing your stories! We are honored when you share your story with us. Yes, we are just silly plushie organ makers, but we also are part of the larger community of weirdos who love the organs they take with them on their health journey. 
Funny anatomy comics human body humor

Yes, yes, you'll find silly organs, human body comics, medical memes and anatomical humor and absurd organs on our socials, but you'll also find kinship, community and inspiration amongst your fellow humans.

Breast Cancer survivor story Instagram Facebook

Observe Dolly Breaston, the "emotional support stuffie" plush boob that accompanied Catie every step of the way in her battle against stage 3 triple negative breast cancer, diagnosed at age 32. "Dolly was my pillow to nap on when the side effect drugs took hold. My ice cream buddy when I needed to keep my mouth cold while getting the boluses of Adriamycin." I'm not crying, you're crying. 

Cute Organs on Twitter - I Heart Guts plush Organs Funny Cute Gifts

We love cheering you on as you go through cancer, chemo, chronic illness, surgery or whatever fresh hell your body brings you. We can't be by your side, but our plush organs can. 

Cute Organ Videos YouTube

Wherever you are, share your vids of cute plush organs on Tiktok, plushie organs on Instagram, watch our funny organs on YouTube, chat with happy organs on Twitter, or find organ plushies on Facebook. Share and tag us with your gutsy journey with @iheartguts or #iheartguts! 

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