Cheap A$$ Organs For A Limited Time Only!

Plushie Sale - Organ Plush Pillow Sale - September Sale - I Heart Guts

We love autumn for obvious reasons: pumpkin spiced spleen juice, uterus is shedding her leaves (with beautiful colors, we might add), and of course the I Heart Guts September Sale (it's our birthday month so we do what we want)!

We’re kicking off the autumn season with discounted Organ Plushies, 10% off all month long. Drown in a pile of guts to commemorate the kickoff of spooky season!

Pile of Organ Pillows - Organ Plushies - Anatomy Plush Toy Pillow - I Heart Guts

You can finally buy a cheap (ahem, inexpensive) Penis Plush with a foreskin pocket for storing the cash you saved during our September Sale! 

If you’d rather store your personals in a vagina instead, we gotchu with our latest Vulva+Vagina Zipper Pouch Plush. You’ll never lose your mittens if you stash them in this plush kitten! 

Rectum Plushie - Colon Plushie - Intestine Organ Pillow - I Heart Guts - Plushies on Sale

Hold onto your Plush Rectum and your Colon Pillow in preparation for the copious amounts of squash that will be entering (and exiting) your body from here on out. 

Is there anything more satisfying than plopping down on the couch with snuggly Kidney Plush Slippers for renal struggles, and a Plush Heart in your hands? Actually yes: Doing that same thing knowing you got the slippers and heart on sale! 

Kidney Plush Slippers - Kidney Surgery Gift - Organ Plushie - Funny Anatomy Gift - I Heart Guts

In the spirit of sweater weather, get cozy on the outside with our insides.

Cup a Testicle Plush in your left hand and a cider in the other as you prepare to watch the leaves change.

Venture through a corn maze with your Stomach Plush and reminisce about the last time you ate corn, which caused you diarrhea, gas and digestion problems!

Stock up on tissue boxes and a sale Sinus Plush as your allergies start to act up in the fall. Use your breathing buddy as a snot rag, we won’t tell! 

Don't let this sale slide through your fingers like a slippery human organ. Discount applied to plushies automatically at check out.

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