Buy 3 Pins Get 1 Pin Free!

pin sale i heart guts anatomy pins deals couponDo you love pins? Do you love sales? Do you love both? Enjoy our month-long special deal on pins, through 7/31/23! Hold onto your butts, because there's a million ways to mix and match our cute anatomy pins.

pins but make it urology

Here's a favorite urology pin collection sported by one of our fave UCLA Urologists! Our kidney, bladder, testicle, prostate and penis pins look great together working as a team. Whatever four you choose, whether it's to wear or to share, you're gonna get a freebie out of our butts!

gi doc buttons pins funny humor lanyard badge reel hospital id colorectal surgeon

Does your colorectal surgeon need a little cheer for their scrubs, white coat or hospital ID? Look no further than our cute collection of juicy booty pals: colon pin, intestine pin and stomach pin are best paired with a rectum in. Get three of these cute colorectal pins and we'll toss in a free butthole!

anatomy pins cute funny sale couponNothing could be finer than a cute little vagin-er! Our gyno gifts are the best, and you can scoop op a pile of 'ginas, uteri pins, cervix pins, placenta pins and clitoris pins to create an over-the-top OB/GYN pin collection. The bladder pin is cute for you pelvic floor geeks out there. 


audiology pins cute funny lanyard badge reel hospital ID

Here's a real-life audiologist pin collection on a lanyard! It's a brain pin, inner ear pin and larynx/trachea pin, finished up with some smoochy lips. So cute, right? Those lips aren't ours, but if they were, you'd be getting a larynx for free!

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