Blue Balls Explained

Blue Balls About What are blue balls? Technically, it's actually called "epididymal hypertension" and it occurs when the testicles undergo a long period of sexual excitement without their trademark release of sperm via orgasm.

What are blue ballsBlue balls may cause discomfort, but fear not, testicle-owners, the condition is not gonna kill ya! And like all things, blue balls too shall pass. So what's going on inside those sad 'nads?

Blue Balls ExplainedThe testicles make millions of sperm every single day. Loads of these end up reabsorbing into the testicle tissue itself, but more often than not, the sperm leave the body through the penis via ejaculation.

What are blue ballsThere are many misconceptions (har har har) about blue balls, we would like to set the record straight on a handful of these Blue Balls Myths.

Blue balls

Myth #1 Blue balls are dangerous
This is not true! Blue balls may be uncomfortable, or not what you want, but it is common and is resolved with time or an orgasm. Maybe it's a bummer, and not what you want, but you're not gonna die. Pinky swear!

blue balls

Myth #2 Blue balls are actually blue
Any bluish tint is actually extra blood in your balls! The coloration may be subtle or the color of your scrotum may remain the same -- blue balls are not always blue in color.

Blue balls

Myth #3 Blue balls only happens to testicle-owners
Nope! Folks with clitorises and vulvas may also experience a genital blood rush resulting in discomfort not resolved by orgasm. Sexual frustration can be for everybody!

Testicle and penis

What is the treatment for blue balls?
Well...the best relief for blue balls is gonna be orgasm! If your body-touching partner doesn’t want to help you finish things off, don’t worry, the discomfort will lessen over time, or you can bring yourself to climax via masturbation to release the pressure.

Testicle and Vagina Plush Toys

Anyway, that's all we have to say about blue balls! Hope this helps explain a thing or two about this condition nobody loves. A million thanks for technical information from @uro_Res via Twitter!

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