Big Fall Sale on Plush Organs - Last Call, Ends Soon!

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Don't sleep, our big plush sale doesn't last forever! Once spooky season hits, our slashed prices will be back to normal. So move your tush and get guts on sale while supplies last! Why buy plush organs? Read on for tales from our amazing customers:

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"My mom was diagnosed with colon cancer almost two years ago and it spread to her liver. When I asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she answered, "a liver." Though I know she meant it jokingly, I decided I would get her exactly that. The liver plush is really cute, soft, and definitely brings a smile to my mom's face. She even took it with her on a doctor's appointment and got a laugh out of her oncologist. 

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Stuffed animals can ease anxiety or bring a bit of fun before a scary medical procedure: "When you’re a little nervous to get ear tubes in, your (super cool ) aunt sends you an inner ear stuffed animal for good measure." 

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Plushie organs don't just make great gifts for medical miracles -- they're also fab gifts for medical miracle workers, talented surgeons, med students, or nurses with a heart of gold

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Get your eyeballs on back-to-school and dorm decor essentials like a stuffed placentaeyeball plushie or tooth pillow (yes, yes, we know, NONE of these organs are essential).

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Grab fake organs below Black Market prices. Every single organ plush is on sale, we are not holding back. Not even with the Big D. 

boyfriend pillow, bachelorette funny plushies, weird neck pillow, travel pillowsGrab guts for you and all your friends on sale through 9/30! Sale ends soon.

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