Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Mom 2024

Here's our Top Ten mother's day gift ideas for Mother's Day Gifts 2024! Give mom her body back with our Mother's Day Gift Guide -- make her smile with our ridiculous plushie organs. Plush uterus backpack, breast plushie and vadge zip pouch let you gift the body parts you wrecked when you were unleashed into the world!

1. Give Mom a Plushie of the Organ She's Missing
Flowers and brunch are fine, but how about gifting her that missing thyroid? Giving back those missing organs taken by cancer or surgery is a heartfelt, thoughtful and emotional gift for mom. Perhaps she had a hysterectomy, or had an ovary removed. Show mom you've been paying attention to what's going on and give her those body parts back in the form of a plushie organ!

2. Uterus Backpack For The Mom With the Best Snacks
Unique gifts for mom, like this I Heart Guts uterus backpack, will help her stash her mommy gear and all her great snacks. You can fit a whole can of beer in there! New moms can stash a diaper, wipes and snacks into their uterus, seasoned moms will find it's perfect for a can of beer, phone and a paperback beach read.

3. Breast & Placenta Plushies for New Mom's First Mother's Day
Moms should really milk this holiday -- literally!  Funny new mom gifts include our breast plushie for lactating moms struggling with mastitis or just milk-making in general. If you're looking for Etsy Mother's Day gifts, our plushie body parts are on there, too!

Placenta plushie makes the perfect new mom gift, as she JUST got rid of that thing during childbirth! Nobody said this mom thing was easy. 

Happy Hoo-Ha Plush Zip Pouch - Hooray For The Va-Jay-Jay Plushie - I Heart Guts

4. Vagina/Vulva Zip Pouch for Weird Moms
Need unusual gifts for mom from daughter? May we suggest our vagina zip pouch? This vadge fits everything your mommy needs and more, without those perineal tears you gave her. Lovable vagina/vulva gift celebrates mom where the sun don't shine -- but perhaps it should! 

Uterus and Ovary Socks - Ova Achiever + Womb Service - I Heart Guts

5. Cozy, Funny Useful Uterus Socks for Mother's Day
We also have useful gifts for mom's birthday, like our cushy cozy uterus socks! Let mom put her feet up and relax in these adorable funny socks and you wait on her hand and foot like the queen she is.

Ovary Keychain - Ova Achiever - I Heart Guts

6. Ova Achiever Ovary Keychain for That Extra Mom
Creative mother's day gifts -- like our Ova Achiever keychain -- celebrate the ovaries from whence you came and thank your mother for the ovaries that made YOU. If mom had her ovaries removed, she will love getting this heartfelt reminder of what's been taken from her.

Kiss My Uterus Magnet - Reproductive Rights Humor, OB/GYN Midwife Doula Labor and Delivery Nurse Funny Gift - I Heart Guts

7. Mother's Day Gifts on a Budget - Uterus Magnets, Pins, Keychains Magnets
Share your love for the mother of all organs with uterus lapel pins, uterus stickers, funny uterus magnetsuterus keychains, all priced under $7. Give your mommy the giggles with sparkly vagina keychain for a Mother's Day gift that doesn't break the bank but DOES thank mommy for her cervix.

8. Make Mom Laugh With a Relaxing Penis Neck Pillow
Time for a penis vacation! For the truly out-there weird and funny mother's day gag gift, try gifting mom with a relaxing penis neck pillow. It's not for everyone, but it may just become your weird mom's new favorite travel buddy. 

9. Funny Tees for Salty Moms 
Does your mom have a sweet AND salty streak? We've got your back with plenty of uterus-flavored mother's day gifts packed with personality! ova achiever t-shirt blanket tote mug funny cute organ shirts

Check out our array of gyno-tastic body parts, we also have heaps of uterus and ovary tees to choose from at Threadless. 

10. Ooops, I Forgot All About Mother's Day Gifts!
What your mom really wants is a phone call and a hug, so give her one of these. Mommies love hugs from kids big and small. For last-minute Mother's Day gifts on Amazon, most of these gutsy goodies are ready to ship at the click of a button. 

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