Are Gender Reveals Over?

Gender reveal belly pic bump pregnancy humor comicGender is dead. Parents looking to de-gender their kiddos want unisex clothes and genderless toys for their they-bies. Trans and androgyny are in, and gender hetero-cis normies are out. Yet, we are still having gender reveal parties!

 uterus plush no gender

What do babies want in 2022? If the Great Gender Reveal Fire of 2020, where a baby's pyrotechnic gender reveal went horribly wrong, taught us anything, it's that gender doesn't really matter. And certainly not to some unborn baby. 

boy with uterus

Boys love uteruses and girls love testicles. I know this last bit sounds kinda wrong, but I cannot tell you how many times a little girl has come up to the I Heart Guts booth and fallen in love with our testicles, much to dad's chagrin. Girl: "Daddy, what is this?" Dad: "We're not getting that." 

testicle sexy nurse

Did you know pink used to be considered a "boy color"? Yes, it's true. Little baby FDR wore a white dress in the 1880s and baby JFK wore pink back in the late 1920s. According to a 1927 Time magazine color chart for sex-appropriate colors, pink was for boys. We agree -- pink does look especially cute on a testicle.

testicle gender less gender free

A 1918 trade pub stated, "Pink, being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl,” according to Smithsonian magazine. Today's girl/pink and boy/blue thing started in the 1940s. Another time, amirite?

vagina for boys

So "gendered" color is essentially random and it changes over time. Maybe in 80 years, chartreuse will be for genderqueers with uteruses and penises and girls with prostates AND vaginas will represent with mauve. Who knows? Who cares? We surely don't.

plush organs best cutest 

We love all colors here at I Heart Guts. Yes, maybe our uterus is pink and our balls are blue. But if it was 1927, the uterus would be "for boys" and the testicle would be geared "for girls." Our prostate is green and our kidney is purple -- who cares? We welcome all your parts with all our hearts.

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