Cute and Funny Anatomy Posters

OB GYN fun cute anatomy poster
Looking for ways to educate and inspire your patients -- AND make your waiting room super fun? Look no further than our collection of goofy human body anatomy posters, all available print-on-demand!

How Does Insulin Work Poster

Bring on the fun and a feast for the eyeballs with our cute anatomical posters and charts! While your patients wait for your professional advice, give 'em something to look at besides their cell phone or an old copy of WebMD from 2015.

Urology Waiting Room Art Fun
Need fun medical clinic posters and art? We have that! Whether you need gynecology posters, diabetes posters, gastroenterology posters, urology posters or nephrology posters, we have you covered. Fertility clinic walls need some good cheer? Slap some ovarian artwork and testicle posters up on your walls and bring smiles to your stressed-out IVF patients.

Ovulation Poster - How Ovulation Works Poster - Cute IVF Clinic Poster

Need ovulation explained? Our adorable and fun All About Ovulation poster has got you covered. We have many fun anatomy posters here at, such as our beloved Menstrual Cycle poster, but most of our cool human anatomy posters now live at! 

How Kidneys Work Poster | Funny Cute Medical Poster - Fun Medical Clinic Anatomy Posters

Funny medical posters for your clinic or classroom! How is sperm made? How do we pee? You need to know all this, right? Medical Art Posters include menstrual cycle poster, puberty poster and the Periodic Table of Your Period, which is really just for funsies.

Breast Exam Ever Pillow | Breast Cancer Gifts Funny Cute - Breast Cancer Self Exam Poster

Medical explanations sometimes need a light touch. Skin Cancer self-exam, breast cancer self exam, testicular cancer self exam and colon care posters bring a wee bit of fun to tough topics. 

Thyroid Gifts | Amazing Thyroid Cancer Gifts - Thyroid Pillow - How Thyroid Works Gift

We love traditional medical illustration, but maybe you're a weirdo? Or looking for more interesting health class posters like How does pooping workWhat does the thyroid do

 Spine Poster - Orthopedic Poster - Spine Anatomy Poster - Spine Surgery Poster - Chiropractor Cute Poster

In which case, our funny anatomical charts and posters will bring cheer to your bare walls. Cover your walls with gutsy human body posters!

Menstrual Cycle Poster | Menstrual Cycle Explained Poster - What are Periods Poster - How Do Periods Work

I Heart Guts makes super cute anatomy posters for clinics or med students, and we sure would be honored to have our uterus upon your walls.

How Pooping Works Poster Graphic - Gastroenterology Poster Anatomy

Great art for gastroenterology clinics, OBGYN suites, endocrine medical offices. Nephrologists and urologists need fun artwork and posters, too! And we wanna give you the best in fun human anatomy posters!

Organ Plushies | Cute Funny Medical Clinic Poster - Human Organs and Anatomy

Don't wanna spend any money? If you're pinching pennies, check out our collection of anatomy posters free to download and slap all over your walls. You're welcome!

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